Naming a puppy is one of the most exciting events in a child’s life. When my sister’s and I got our first puppy, we named it “Princess” because we loved “Princess Nala” from the Lion King, so we thought “Princess” would be a fantastic name for our puppy. Our neighbor got a scruffy little rescue dog, he found at the park. In our neighborhood it was very common at the time, for your dad to drop off the family pet at the park and accidentally forget it there. Oops.

Anyway, he named his dog, “Ketchup.” He loved Ketchup. He loved to put Ketchup on everything.  He put Ketchup on his scrambled eggs. He put Ketchup in his quesadilla. He put Ketchup on his potatoes. He put Ketchup on his huevos rancheros. He put Ketchup on his enchiladas. He loved Ketchup. He figured naming his dog “Ketchup” was equivalent to the happiness he felt when he put Ketchup on his food.

Our other neighbor named her dog, “Horchata.” It was her favorite drink. She loved horchata from Rigo’s Tacos so much that she thought horchata was the perfect name for her puppy. She was going to love her puppy as much as she loved to drink horchata.

The neighbor in the green house with the chicken coop and the roosters, wished she could fly away like a pretty little butterfly. She always carried a blanky. She thought the best name for her little poodle was “butterfly.” The neighbor on the other block, around the corner, loved to eat hot cheetoes. His Spiderman baby tee had cheeto paw prints and his leather guaraches that his mom got him at the callejones always had cheeto flakes. He had cheeto flake toe jam. He loved cheetos so so much, he named his pet goldfish “Cheeto.”


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