Mi Abuelita.

My grandma loved me more than my mom loved me. My grandma never made me wash socks. She recognized, I was a true blessing. By the time I was born, my grandmother was living in California. My grandmother adored me. We bonded immediately. Not all grandchildren have a tight bond with a grandparent and that’s ok. There is always someone in our lives that we experience a deep spiritual connection with and for me that person happened to be my grandmother, Nicanora.


When my mother wasn’t feeding me sopita cup of noodles, my grandmother was giving me sopita de tortilla. We ate tortillas with everything. A typical meal from my grandmother consisted of shredded tortillas boiled in a cup of milk with a pinch of salt. When I was in pre-school she babysat an Asian baby who always ate white rice. I always asked why his rice was different as I ate spoonfuls of mayonnaise. She never responded. Anyways, as I got older and came home from Kinder, my abuelita was always cleaning nopales in the backyard while sitting on a bucket with a cigarette in her mouth. She always smiled at me with her funny little whiskers as she worked away at cleaning the nopales. I always did homework and then helped her with the nopales. I never ate nopales, I just helped cut the prickly needles off and if one got stuck in my finger she took it out with a toenail clipper.

One day, I walked straight to the backyard after school and my abuelita was know where to be found. I started searching for her. I started calling out her name and not a beep. I was like, “Why isn’t my abuelita responding?” “That’s weird.” I opened the door to her room and was greeted by my abuelita cleaning naked, dusting the blinds on the windows. It was so scary. I shrieked, “Aaahhhhh!!! Abuelita!!! Que hace!” “Esta Loca!” And she said “Hace calor.” “Tenemos lo mismo.” I immediately shut the door as I heard her speak those words. In a frightful panic, I thought, “No. We don’t have the same thing. Yuck. My grandma cleans naked.” She always had hot flashes. She was always hot. I remember her sweaty mustache.

I went to the living room to do my homework while my grandmother continued her window cleaning. Apparently, while she was cleaning, she dropped her blush off the windowsill and she didn’t like wasting anything, so she dabbed whatever she could pick up off the floor onto her cheeks. When she was done cleaning, she walked out of her room looking like a heat rash. At this point, I looked at my grandma with great concern, “Abuelita? Que le pasa!? Tiene fiebre! Necesita un doctor!” And she responded with a smiley witty comment, “No me veo bonita?” I said, “Que? Tiene los cachetes bien rojos!” She said, “Se me callo el rubor y para no desperdiciarlo, me lo puse en los cachetes.” We both started laughing hysterically. “Aahahahahahaha.” “Jejejejejejejeje.” “Aaahahahahahaha.” “Jejejejeje.”


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