La Migra.

La Migra.

After Christmas vacation, it was back to school and back to dealing with babysitters. My babysitters were always illegal immigrants from Mexico. I always overheard the phrase “No tengo papeles” and in response someone said  Que no te vaya agarar la migra.” It was a fearful conversation I amused myself with as a child. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been such a brat. I loved my babysitters. I had a favorite. Although I’m not going to disclose quien era mi consentida. It wouldn’t be fair or nice to the other good babysitters I had.

One day my babysitter wanted to watch her usual novela, while, I wanted to watch Chavo del Ocho. I remember my babysitter stepped out of the house for a second and in that moment I quickly sprinted to the door and locked it. Instead of arguing I decided it would be easier to lock her out of the house. I grabbed the remote and changed the channel to Chespirito. Happy. I became annoyed when she started asking me to open the door. On commercial breaks, I opened the window and attended to her nagging. I said “Te va agarar la migra.” “Cayate, te va agarar la migra.” “Ponte a regar las plantas.” Once my show ended, I let her back in the house.

After letting her back in the house, my babysitter walked to her room and grabbed a notebook to write letters. I asked, “Que haces?” She responded, “Nada, dejame en paz. Ya no estes fregando.” I said, “Porque?” She said, “Le estoy escribiendo una carta a mi novio.” I said, “Whaaaatttt?!” “Tù tienes un novioooooo. Eww. Wakatelas.” She said, “Lo extraño.” I said, “Oh, tienes una foto.” She said, “Sì, te la voy a enseñar. Es un soldado en el ejercito de Mexico.” She showed me a picture of her boyfriend in a soldier’s uniform. I was like, “Por eso te gusta escuchar Los Bukis.” My babysitter laughed, “Ahahahahaha, cayate mensa.” I responded, “Noooo, tù mensa.” We both laughed, “eeehehehehehe.” Luego le dije, “Por eso cuando escuchas Los Temerarios te salen lagrimas. Eres una cry baby.” We laughed even more.babysitter TV


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