Basketball Heroes.

Basketball Heroes.

If I wasn’t watching novelas or cartoons, I was watching basketball. The Jordan Era ignited a love for basketball. Me and my cousins loved to play basketball. They obsessed over basketball. They wanted to be like Jordan. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to play like them. So I did. Jordan was like a super hero. Know one could dunk like him. My cousins loved basketball so much, their dad made them a basketball court. My uncle poured concrete over the dirt and planted two basketball hoops on each end. We practiced dunking. We practiced lay-ups, free throws and short scrimmages. Jordan seemed invincible. So I decided I was going to be more like his sidekick, Scotti Pippin. He was human. I loved watching them play. I loved Rodman too. I loved the Chicago Bulls.

At the time it wasn’t phantomable for a girl to play basketball. Oops. I meant to say fathomable. It wasn’t fathomable for a woman to be athletic the way men are idolized as athletes. So passion for basketball was realistically reduced to a low expectation for greatness in life.

Sometimes we went to Shakey’s to watch the games there, while munching on mojo potatoes and pizza. On commercial breaks we played Pac Man in the arcade. And that’s how I developed a love for sports.Pac Man


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